Hello and welcome to Dunton Hills Coaching Academy.

The academy was set-up in 2006 and is solely run and coached by myself, Glenn Brien; my philosophy has always been keeping lessons simple, fun and most importantly getting results. After my professional playing days were over I firstly got qualified with the EGTF in 1996, after that my thirst for knowledge of the golf swing became more apparent.  I began working with Scott Cranfield (PGA Master Professional) at Birchwood Park in Kent and was mentored by him for 7 years.

I feel to be a good coach you should never stop learning, 8 or 9 times a year I would attend meetings, PGA seminars and take PGA courses.  These sessions are vital to staying up-to-date and making sure I can pass on the knowledge of the latest innovations in coaching techniques.

From there I decided to found my own academy here in Essex, and have now been a full time professional golf coach for over 25 years.

The more I have coached the more I have found; a technically good swing but powered by a monkey mind will still hit bad shots. This encouraged me to take a course on sport psychology, I  feel you should work mind and body together to play better golf.

It is my personal belief that there is a better golfer inside everyone and it is my job as coach to draw out their potential. I coach full time, so don't have the distractions some others do and whether it is serious, social or just fun I have your coaching needs covered.

Glenn Brien


I have been having lessons with Glenn for nearly two years. What I like about his coaching is how he fitted a golf swing to suit my frame of body. Glenn has also introduced me to the psychology of the game and how to combat the rushes of blood to the head! He has a calm and very professional method of coaching and is able to adapt his style according to the client's needs. This has been evidenced by the improvement of my 9 year old son who Glenn has patiently coached. I would absolutely recommend anyone to have lessons with Glenn and see how he can improve your game.

Keith Bonner
Retired Police Inspector

I have known Glenn as a professional golf coach for over three years and the tuition he has given has been first class. My game has improved tremendously and I continue to benefit from his lessons across all areas of my game. Both my wife and children have also benefited from his knowledge and skills.

Alan Ainsbury

I recently joined Glenn Brien's group training sessions after he was recommended to me. I had previously taken lessons from another coach, but did not appear to be making any progress. After only two sessions with Glenn, I had better posture and for the first time - a finish! Suddenly everything began to make sense. Glenn is a great coach, he is patient, knowledgeable and very supportive. My partner has started taking lessons with Glenn also based on the information I have been taught and after seeing for himself how much my game has improved. I would strongly recommend Glenn to anyone, whether you have been playing for years and just need some tips or direction or you are like me and have never swung a club before. Without a doubt, Glenn certainly knows what he is talking about and is able to adjust to anyone's capabilities. You have nothing to lose by taking up a lesson, but so much to gain in my opinion.

Laura Shears

When I first started golf lessons with you I was unsure you would be able to make much difference! As I suffer from a chronic condition called Fibromyalgia,I find it very difficult and painful to twist my body for a full swing! You have shown me that the golf swing does not need to be perfect and little things like a open stance has led to greater distance and a lot less pain. OK I will never be a low handicap player but in time I feel that I will be able to play without making a complete fool of myself.

Brian Boxall